Round my World - Central Asia
Tajikistan, a wild but lovely country

Between Afghanistan and Tajikistan, Pamir mountains and Indu-Kuch, the road we took from Dushambe to Osh in Kyrgystan was realy remote, but undeniably lead us to some of the most interesting lands of Central Asia.
Released from soviet union in 1991, widely destroyed after five years of civil war, Tajikistan has start a slow recovering. Despite the landscape looks sometime desolated, especially in Gordo-Badakhshan, it remains fascinating. At least two third of the country is above 10000 feets.
It took us four days to obtain the special permit to go in the independant region of Gordo-Badakhshan. Thanks to Ikbol, a gentleman working for Tajik tourism office, the time to obtain it was shorten, and our stay in Dushambe quite comfortable.

Follow my path and meet the Badakhshan people.